Adding a Course Semester Help

This page tells you how to add materials to the facultywiki for a particular course for a particular semester (for example, the course you just finished teaching).

1. Organize your files

Before you start, organize your materials by category: create one zip file that contains all homework sets and solutions; another that contains all exams; another that contains all lecture notes, and another that contains all readings. Don't worry if you don't have all of these materials; future instructors will be grateful for anything you do choose to share. If you only have one file of each category, there's no need to create a zip file; all file types and sizes may be uploaded.

Suppose you want to add materials for Physics 201 for Spring 2008. First go to the Physics 201 page (if your course doesn't have a facultywiki page, go here for instructions on how to create it).

Next, see if there is already a link to the Spring 2008 semester from the Physics 201 page. If there isn't, follow these instructions to add the link:

You are now done editing the Physics 201 webpage. You have created a link to the new Course Semester Page, even though you haven't yet created the page itself.

3. Create New Course Semester Page

Click on the link which you just added. You should see a page that tells you "This page does not exist yet." Below this, on the left hand side of the page, there is a list of page templates. Click on PhysicsCourseSemesterTemplate.

Edit this page, making sure the following information is correct:

Capitalization is important--don't change an upper-case letter for a small letter, or vice-versa.

Once you're satisfied, then click the "Save Changes" button near the top of the page.

4. Upload files

If you have typed well, you should see links of the type Upload new attachment "phys201spring08zz.zzz" on the course semester page you are making. Click on each of these links, scroll down to the "New Attachment" section of the page that comes up, and follow the instructions to upload the appropriate file.

Repeat this process as necessary.

5. Adding or Modifying Instructor Resumes

If you need to add an instructor page click here for directions.

Otherwise, please modify the existing instructor webpage to include links to the course semester page you just finished making. Thank you!

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