Welcome to the QPAL Wiki for the Saffman research group

Research Projects These are the active projects we are working on.

Laboratory Guidelines, Meetings, etc. General information for working in the lab, group meetings, etc.

Literature Papers, review articles, reference documents, and group theses.

Research Tools, Documentation Information and reference data for electronic, optical, mechanical, and vacuum equipment and procedures we have developed and use.

Equipment Inventory Inventory of commercial research equipment and manuals. This includes data sheets for laser diodes and special optics.

Computing Information Lab computers and software.

Purchasing Purchasing procedures and lists of vendors.


Blackout or Power Surge Protocol

Public QPAL page

UWM Spring 2021 testing requirements

Building access signup page Physics department COVID operations

UW Madison COVID dashboard Madison & Dane County COVID dashboard

Graphs of temperature, relative humidity and dew point.

Lab status graphs

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