(Right Side)

Waves & Sound Cabinet

Bay: A2


Shelf 1

Shelf 3

A. Open/Closed Organ Pipe

B. 2 Marimba Boxes for Beats

B. ?? Organ Pipe

C. Bongo Drum

C. Edge Effect Organ Pipe

D. Maraca

E. Adjustable Reed Lead Organ Pipe (Broken)

E. Hand Drum

D. Organ Pipe Blower/Holder

F. Base Recorder

E. Misc. Reeds

G. Flute w/case

F. Whistles

H. Recorders

G. Pair of Adjustable Beating Organ Pipes(Green)

I. Oboe w/case

H. Set of 8 Organ Pipes

J. Clarinet w/case

I. Adjustable Closed Organ Pipe

K. Cornet w/case

Shelf 4

Shelf 2

A. Transverse Wave Board: Wide Section

A. Homemade Pan Flute

B. Transverse Wave Board Section Couplers

B. Wooden Xylophone

C. Transverse Wave Board Dash-pots

C. Musical Sticks

D. Transverse Wave Board Fix End Clamps

D. Toy Xylophone (Orange/Metal)

Shelf 5

E. Steel Bar Xylophone

A. Transverse Wave Board: Wide Section

F. 10 pc set of Organ Pipes

B. Transverse Wave Board Books

Shelf 6

Shelf 3

A. Transverse Wave Board: Narrow Section

A. Reed Accordion

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